Where the housing market is going in 2022 as told by 7 leading forecast models

Fortune (November, 2021)


A perfect storm. That's the best way to describe the red-hot housing market we've seen from coast-to-coast during the pandemic. It was spurred by a combination of recession-induced low mortgage rates, remote work allowing buyers to sprawl further away from their workplace, and a demographic wave of first-time millennial homebuyers entering into the market. Of course, years of under-building means there simply aren't enough homes available to meet this demand. Cue record price growth.

2021 Multifamily
Investment Outlook

Marcus & Millichap (December, 2020)


Duration: 1h 6m


​Has the Apartment Market Changed Forever?

The Health Crisis has structurally changed life in America and many facets of the multifamily investment market. But will the changes continue once a medical solution stems the life-or-death risks of the pandemic? Will things return to normal or has the definition of normal been rewritten?

Investment Showdown: Stocks Versus Multifamily Properties

Forbes (April, 2019)


There is no question that many people have built their wealth over time using multifamily real estate investments. Likewise, many people have amassed significant amounts of money by investing in the stock market. So in a strategic showdown, which investment takes the prize — multifamily real estate investments or the stock market?

CNBC (October 2018)

  • ​The average rate on the 30-year fixed sat just below 4 percent a year ago, after dropping below 3.5 percent in 2016. It just crossed the 5 percent mark, according to Mortgage News Daily.

  • While more people think now is a good time to buy a home, according to a monthly sentiment survey from Fannie Mae, more people also think mortgage rates will go up.

  • Higher rates could throw cold water on those high home prices, as sellers see demand fall off and their houses sit on the market longer

New York Times (February 2018)

As the unemployment rate has fallen in recent months and the economy has roared, one central question has bedeviled the American job market: Where is the wage growth?


New data on Friday suggested an answer: It is here, and it is now.

Multifamily Executive (August 2017)

The head of Freddie Mac Multifamily shares his insights on the road ahead...

​Freddie Mac Multifamily recently published the Multifamily 2017 Mid-year Outlook. What takeaway should industry members glean from the report?

 CNBC (February 2017)

Home prices continue to climb in already-expensive Seattle, but investors with enough cash to get into the city's landlord business could see big returns.

 Marketwatch (August 2016)

Why the housing market isn’t headed for another bubble.

The Street (May 2016)

A larger number of retirees are opting to forgo home ownership and instead prefer renting to give themselves additional mobility and disposable income.

Bloomberg (March 2016)

Lack of inventory is especially hurting would-be buyers of starter homes, Trulia data show.

U.S. Housing Market Needs 5.5 Million More Units, Says New Report

The Wall Street Journal (June, 2021)


Construction of new housing in the past 20 years fell 5.5 million units short of long-term historical levels, according to a new National Association of Realtors report, which is calling for a “once-in-a-generation” policy response.


The industry lobbying group said it hopes the report, which was released Wednesday, persuades lawmakers to include housing investments in any infrastructure package.

Marcus & Millichap Webinar: Investment Strategies for a Changing Economic Climate

Marcus & Millichap (September, 2019)


Duration: 1h 13m


  • Financial Market Volatility and Recession Risk

  • Falling Interest Rates, Capital Markets and the Changing Agency Lending Climate

  • Comprehensive Analysis of Supply and Demand for Every Property Type

  • Opportunities for Investors Across Property Types

  • Best Strategies for Navigating the Current Environment

Fox Business via Marcus & Millichap (January 2019)

  • Real estate market predictions for 2019

  • What the 2019 macro economic outlook means for real estate demand

  • For-sale housing market outlook and expectations for apartment rentals

  • How tax reform will make commercial real estate even more compelling

Fox Business via Marcus & Millichap (January 2019)

  • Real estate market predictions for 2019

  • What the 2019 macro economic outlook means for real estate demand

  • For-sale housing market outlook and expectations for apartment rentals

  • How tax reform will make commercial real estate even more compelling

Bloomberg (April 2018)

The U.S. housing market’s storyline for the last several years has been one of steady demand and limited supply, pushing prices ever higher. Now, a new chapter has opened up for the industry and its customers: soaring costs for building materials.


Reports on Tuesday underscored both resilient purchase activity and accelerating home prices. 

CNBC (November 2017)

Baby boomers are the fastest-growing group of renters, Census figures show.

More than 5 million baby boomers are expected to rent their next home by 2020.

Many boomers want amenity-rich full-service buildings like millennials, brokers tell CNBC.

 MarketWatch (June 2017)

If 50% of your income is going to rent, there’s precious little left over to accumulate a down-payment’

​Homeownership remains out of reach for most renters, as the cost of housing continues to climb.

 Business Insider (August 2016)

In my opinion, real estate is the best way to grow wealth. If you want to get super rich, get involved in real estate — but I'm not talking about just any real estate.

CNBC (July 2016)

After rising just over a decade ago to its highest level ever, the nation's homeownership rate fell to match its all-time low and could drop even further in the months to come.

CNBC (April 2016)

Home sales may be rising, but homeownership in the United States is heading down once again.

Bloomberg (March 2016)

Jim Rogers, chairman at Rogers Holdings, discusses currencies, why investors view the U.S. dollar as a safe haven and outlook for U.S. markets. He speaks with Guy Johnson on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

What the World’s Most Successful Real Estate Investor Is Buying

Bloomberg (June, 2021)


Blackstone Group Inc. President Jon Gray has some advice for investors looking to make sense of the wild real estate market in the U.S: Don’t fear a bust anytime soon.

Home prices have surged the most since 2005, cheap mortgages are encouraging buyers toward new homes, and building costs are spiking because of rising prices for raw materials. At the same time, a worker shortage means new construction is failing to keep up with soaring demand. 

Bloomberg (September, 2019)


Recession fears in the U.S. are killing homebuyers’ fighting spirit, sending the rate of bidding wars to an eight-year low.

About 10% of buyers faced competitors in August, down from more than 42% a year earlier, according to an analysis by brokerage Redfin Corp. of offers written by its agents.

CNBC (December, 2018)

Hessam Nadji, Marcus and Millichap President and CEO, talks the positive outlook for the real estate market.

Multifamily Excecutive (August 2018)

While multifamily construction activity remains at record highs and certain markets suffer from overheated rents and pricing, investors are still eager for multifamily developments and projects, according to a new report by CRE global online marketplace Real Capital Markets (RCM). Based on surveys and follow-up interviews with capital investors, RCM attributes the positive outlook to consistently strong fundamentals and a favorable long-term forecast.

CNBC (April 2018)

Eighty-three percent of people ages 22 to 35 with student debt who haven't bought a house yet blame their educational loans.

Owning a home, the most common way Americans build wealth, can become a distant dream for many crushed by student debt.

 Experian (August 2017)

If you’re house hunting, it can feel like the market is moving quickly and everyone is buying. An index of homes under contract, known as pending home sales, jumped a higher-than-expected 1.5% in June, according to the National Association of Realtors.


But according to a recent Experian survey, fewer people are planning on buying: 27% of consumers are not planning to purchase a home in the next 5-10 years, an increase of 8% from 2016... We dive into the survey findings here.

 CNBC (February 2017)

Rising mortgage rates, bigger jumps in home prices and still-moderate income growth are adding up to a triple threat for the housing market this spring.

Home affordability fell to the lowest level in seven years at the end of 2016, and the ingredients for a reversal are not there anytime soon.

 The Wall Street Journal (August 2016)

The U.S. housing market has soared back, with prices just 2% shy of that record high. But while the recovery has been stronger than expected, it has left behind millions of middle-class Americans. WSJ's Laura Kusisto explains on Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero.

CNBC (June 2016)

They are considered safe, and they offer yield. No wonder the stocks of real estate investment trusts ran in the opposite direction of the Brexit-bashed U.S. stock market Friday.

Bloomberg (March 2016)

Of the 20 U.S. counties that grew the most last year, eight are in Texas.

CNBC (November 2015)

Rent hikes are dogging tenants, but big money investors say the season of love for residential, multi-family rental properties is only getting started.